Baby Boomer Nails with Dipping Powder - How It Works

There are always new trends and nail designs on the market, some of which stay at the top for a long time and others not at all. One trend that has been going on for several years now and has never lost its hype is the 'Baby Boomer Nails' trend.

The word 'baby boomer' is a bit misleading. Baby boomer nails are actually derived from one of the oldest nail designs namely French nails.

French nails are essentially a basic two-tone manicure, generally a pale pink/nude color on the base of the nail with a white tip to mimic the real nail. In a standard French manicure, the white tip deliberately and very clearly stands out against the pink undertone. The white on the top is typically extremely matte and strong compared to the pink nude colour of the beginning.
The difference with the 'Baby Boomer' manicure, is that the colors blend into each other and the lines that actually delineate the white top blur with the pink. Instead, there is a natural gradient of color from the base color to the clearer white of the tip of the nail.

The "Baby Boomer" manicure, also known as "Ombre French Nails", is something for every nail type and also every taste, as the result is a natural look that still looks adorable and special.

The best way to Ombre French Nails

Ombre nail art is very easy to apply, even though it looks very fancy. You can be sure that a few people will ask you who made your nails so beautiful!

For this French manicure, you only need two dipping powders, a light pink and a white.  
These Dipping Powders are ideal as they are easy to blend and have a very subtle shimmer that helps to conceal any imperfections on your nails.

The secret ingredient to creating this beautifully blended ombre nail look is a makeup sponge! Any kind will do, as long as it's large and flat enough to go over the surface of your nails.

Materials needed

-Doonails Dip Powder Kit Professional

- Pink Dipping Powder (e.g. Girly Pink Dipping Powder )

- White Dipping Powder(Snow White Dipping Powder)

- Make-up sponge

Apply the Base Coat

Start applying as you normally would. Step by step to your dream nails

Apply Dipping Powder to your nails

First apply the pink Dipping Powder on your nails, to apply the white Dipping Powder with the help of a sponge or a brush from the tip.

Gently mix the Dipping Powders.

Then press the sponge onto your nail, almost like a stamp. Make sure you cover the entire nail with Dipping Powder. Apply the Dipping Powder to your nails again and press it onto the nail.

Apply more layers of Dipping Powder.

Repeat the process on all the nails. Keep doing this until the color is completely opaque and you are satisfied with the Ombre French Nails effect.

Clean Up

Now it's time for the clean up! Use a small brush and swipe it around your nails to remove the excess Dipping Powder on the skin. Use the brush to draw a smooth line around the cuticles to give your French Manicure Ombre nails a super professional finish. Continue with the dip manicure as usual. (2xActivator, Files, Top Coat).


Also known as French Ombre or even French Fade, the Baby Boomer nail trend is essentially a whole new twist on the traditional French manicure. While the standard French manicure has a light pink base with defined, contrasting tips, baby boomer nails mix the combinations of pink and white to create a seamless gradient effect.

The fantastic thing about this pattern is that the ombre effect can elongate your nails and is the ideal colour for fast growing nails, as the base colour is extremely close to your natural nail tone.

The main reason for the continued popularity of the "baby boomer" trend is actually the timelessness of the design. The particular style is very simple to create in application but looks extremely exclusive on the nail. You can really wear the look anywhere and with any outfit.

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