The Doonails Nail & Cuticle Oil comes in a bottle with a content of 15ml and a black ampoule to optimally dose the nail oil.

If you want to do something good for your hands and nails with a gentle care , use the Nail & Cuticle Oil, because as noble and high quality as the bottle looks, is also its effect!

The Doonails nail oil is the perfect all-round care for your hands and nails.
The oil is an effective way to keep your fingernails and cuticles healthy and supple and to strengthen your nails. The nail & cuticle oil is also deeply absorbed into the skin and nails and provides the nail area with optimal moisture. This prevents brittle nails and restores a beautiful firm nail shape.

Why is regular use so important?

Not only for a well-groomed appearance, but also for the protection and care of your fingernails, the regular use of a nail oil is highly recommended.

If you manicure your nails regularly and do not take breaks between treatments, it is possible that the nails including the nail bed become degreased and dry and brittle in the long term.
In order to prevent this effect and not to have to do without permanently beautiful nails, the regular use of Doonails nail oil helps as protection and precaution.

Doonails Nail & Cuticle Oil

Even if you generally suffer from brittle nails or you often have small wounds on your fingers, the Nail and Cuticle Oil provides relief.


The oil is particularly suitable as a care after the Dipping Powder application or even after removal with the Remover Kit, to soften the dry cuticles and give your nails a natural shimmering shine.

To do this, simply apply a little of the nail oil directly to the nail using the ampoule and massage it onto the nail surface and into the cuticles.

Due to its soothing effect, Doonails nail oil is also ideal for sensitive skin.

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