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You've probably come across dipping powder as a new nail trend on social media like on Instagram or else in your regular salon, but where does the hype actually come from?

The two types of manicures women are most likely to get in a salon are acrylic manicures or gel polish. Gel polish can last for several weeks and is quite difficult to remove, plus it doesn't come in extravagant colors.

Gel polish needs UV light to cure, and most polishes contain strong chemicals that could harden your nail bed. On the other hand, in case you use acrylics, they will hardly ever crack or break, but the substances smell extremely unpleasant when used, and removing them significantly strains your nails.

So don't you hate it when you get a gel manicure and it chips after just a few weeks? Or even the acrid smell at the nail salon, the UV light treatment, or the nails that feel like rubber after the manicure comes off?

With the Doonails Dip Powder you don't have to worry about all these problems anymore! It's stronger than gel, lasts as long as acrylic, requires no maintenance, and won't ruin your nails. It's the nail revolution you've been waiting for.

Deals on Doonails Dipping Powder Kit Set.

The Dipping Powder package offers everything in one system. It contains everything you need to carry out to gorgeous Dipping Powder nails. The Doonails Dipping Powder System is one of the professional packages that you should always have on hand if you want permanently beautiful nails.

The application is very easy and quick and can be done from the comfort of your home.

The Doonails dipping powder kit offers you different dipping powders that contain fine, highly pigmented powders that will give your nails a glossy look. You can choose from a total of 20 color powders from the range that is constantly expanding.

The Doonails dipping powder kit costs much less than kits from some other manufacturers while offering more in product.
Doonails also regularly offers its customers exclusive offers and deals to save extra on their purchase.

Why Dipping Powder.

A fresh manicure can make you feel attractive, confident and pretty. You can try a range of shiny or even matte colors to match any outfit and are guaranteed to complete your look. Beautiful and well-groomed hands automatically deliver an overall positive appearance.

So what's more worthwhile than investing in your own body image and appearance? Exactly nothing!

Is it worth buying Doonails Dipping Powder?

Almost all women who paint their nails at home use nail polish that is easy to apply, doesn't harm the nails and is easy to get off.

The big downside, the joy often doesn't last long, as regular nail polish usually flakes and peels off after just a few days. Nothing is more annoying and time consuming than having to touch up and touch up your manicure daily.

It is also questionable whether one wants to accept the above-mentioned disadvantages and risks of an acrylic / gel manicure.

Doonails Dip Powder is the best of both worlds, it holds like acrylic but removes effortlessly like regular nail polish, does not require harmful UV - light to harden and will not damage or soften your nails.
Many women report wearing Dip Powder for four or maybe even five weeks, and renew their manicures much more because of the growth of their nails than for any other reason. However, there is of course always the option of topping up the nails.

So, it is worth buying Doonails Dip Powder and pampering your nails with an application. You can get various exclusive offers of the Doonails Dip Powder.


Dip powder is very much in trend and gaining popularity due to its easy application. Doonails dip powder kit prays you the option of a salon-quality manicure quite simply from the comfort of your home.

In doing so, Doonails is reasonably priced compared to other Dipping Powder sellers/manufacturers while offering the largest amount of product in its kit. All the products are of very high quality and vegan at that.

Doonails is always offering unbeatable offers and deals on its website to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable and you can shop even cheaper from its online store.

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