Dip powder manicure for healthy nails

Dip powder is the latest trend in nails. Doonails Dip Powder brings you a wide range of exciting and vibrant shades to enhance the look of your nails. Doonails Dip Powder comes in a variety of color options from standard colors to glitter.

The brand new method involves spreading a gel base onto the natural nail and dipping it directly into a unique powder. The advantages of the Doonails dip powder method are that there is no unpleasant smell, no curing time and no liquids are required under UV light. This means that the application process is actually easier and faster compared to other techniques, and removal is also much easier.

Doonails Dip Powder nails look natural and the powder offers much more strength than gels. Since nothing is glued to your natural nails, your nail bed remains undamaged and healthy. An added bonus is the fact that Dip Powder can last up to 6 days when used properly.

Dip powder nails are actually made with a powder and glue, better known as a "dip powder manicure", and the combination provides a long lasting seal to your nails. Doonails is simply a dip powder brand, it comes in a rainbow of models that you can choose from, close to regular or perhaps gel polishes.

What sets Doonails Dip Powder nails apart from your regular manicure, however, is that it doesn't have the heavy, acrylic smell synonymous with nail polish, and doesn't require light to process it like gels do. This makes it a great option for any choice, especially for someone who is worried about the potentially dangerous effects that UV lighting used to dry different types of nail polish can have.

Things to consider before you buy dip powder

Dip powder is a safe, healthy option for acrylic and gel polish. Dip powder doesn't smell like monomers when applied, can be applied in half the time as acrylic, and washes off easier compared to gel polish, leaving the nail looking healthy and stunning after removal.

Nail Dip Powders, or more commonly, Dipping Powders are another program where the nail is dipped several times in a colored powder, then cured with an activator, as well as topcoated. If you love a long lasting and durable nail, then sign up for the Doonails Dip Powder service which is popular with everyone.

The Doonails Dip Powder system uses a revolutionary technique and was developed by a team of nail professionals with years of expertise. Doonails Dip Powder can be applied in half the time as acrylic and is available in a variety of incredible colors.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Doonails Dip Powder healthier?

Traditional acrylic and gel polishes contain an ingredient known as methacrylate that weakens the nail bed. Doonails does not use methacrylate in its dip powders. The liquids are similar to the glue used in hospitals to close a wound. People who are sensitive to methacrylates can wear Dip Powder without any problems. Since Dip Powder does not contain methacrylates, you will notice how strong your natural nails have become after your first manicure. Doonails Dip Powder is gluten-free, free of animal testing and vegan!

Why is Doonails Dip Powder so popular?

Dip Powders are extremely quick to apply. They leave the nail bed healthy and undamaged. Dip powders outlast gel polishes and are more durable than acrylic polishes. Doonails Dip Powder offers more than twelve colors, some with glitter and shimmer effects. Dip Powder can last for eight weeks - good luck if you can't even last 2 weeks with gel lacquer! The durability for Dip Powder is similar to gel polish, but the application and removal is much easier.

Do I need a UV light?

No, you do not need a UV light. So you don't have to worry about any potential damage associated with using a UV light. Doonails Dip Powder is the most popular dip powder and is gentle and beneficial to your natural nails.

UV rays, sometimes from the sun or perhaps from artificial sources like tanning beds, can cause sunburn. Exposure to UV rays can lead to premature aging of the skin and signs of sun damage such as wrinkles, actinic keratosis, leathery skin and other conditions.

Is Doonails dip powder ideal for healthy nails?

Nail dip powder is faster and easier to apply than traditional acrylic systems. Dip nails contain many layers of dip powder that protects nails from damage and makes them incredibly durable. Doonails Dip Powder manicures usually last 4+ weeks and actually does not let the nails dry out because Doonails Dip Powder uses moisturizing materials.

Exactly how long does Doonails Dip Powder last on the nails?

Doonails Dip Powder provides extra durability and strength for up to 4+ weeks of shine and wear. Dip Powder nails last a very long time. If you do it yourself at home, you can expect your nails to stay chip-free for up to two months.

What exactly are the benefits of nail dip powder?

The biggest advantage of Doonails Dip Powder Nails is that it is an odorless acrylic texture, and that is remarkable. The result is similar to a gel-like gloss, without the need to dry under a lamp. Doonails dip powders are available in many colors. You can also create French manicures and other fun nail art looks with Dip Powders.


Dip powder nails are extremely popular and also very well known among nail experts and beauty connoisseurs. Dipping nails are the best alternative to the popular manicure systems.
If you are concerned about the health of your nails and do not want your nails to be damaged, but on the contrary to be additionally protected, you should opt for a Dip Powder application.

Doonails Dip Powder offers the best quality dip powder and is the largest manufacturer in Germany. All products are organically made and free from animal testing.

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