Dip powder pedicure for toenails

There's nothing more annoying than chipped nail polish after spending so much time and effort on a great manicure. As much as we all try to be careful after a manicure, it typically doesn't take long for the polish to slowly come off. But that's over now! With Dipping Powder, a whole new nail application exists that promises to last 4+ weeks.

Dipping Powder Nails are also gaining popularity because they are organic. Since no UV lamp needs to be used, the method is also considered much healthier.

Dipping powder not only looks stunning on your fingernails, but it also gives your feet an adorable look that they will love.

How to apply dipping powder on toe nails.

Start by removing any leftover polish from your toenails and trim them into the desired shape using nail scissors or nail clippers.
Besides you a warm foot bath and using a light scrub to remove dead skin cells and soak your feet. Scrub off your calluses during the may as well.

Step-by-step instructions for Dipping Powder

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional


Once you have your nails prepped, you are ready for step #1 in your fresh dipping kit! Grab your base coat and apply it all over your natural toenail.


Next, take your Base Powder and apply it to your toenail using a small scoop. When you apply the base, you need to make sure that you apply a thin, even layer so that the texture is nice and smooth. Remove the excess powder with the brush.


Apply another thin layer of the base coat. Now, using the cuticle pusher, remove a small amount of the desired color powder and spread it evenly on your nail.
Lightly brush off the excess powder again.


Repeat this step for a more intense color result.


Next, apply the Activator Coat and leave in for 2 minutes on your toenails. Then file your nails to the desired shape and thickness.


Use another thin coat of the Activator and leave it on again.


Finally, apply the top coat as a sealer to your nail. After it has dried for 2 minutes, repeat this step and you're done!


To wow not only with beautiful hands, but also with beautiful feet, apply the Donails Dipping Powder System on your toenails.
The application process is the same as using the dipping powder on your fingernails. The dipping powder can be easily applied to your toenails, as the Doonails dipping powder is pliable enough to adhere to the nail bed, the application is extremely quick and easy.

You can now get healthier and shinier toenails for up to 4+ weeks and never have to worry about flaking or perhaps chipping toenail polish.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

Video tutorials for application

Doonails Dipping Powder Colors

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