Comparison of dipping powders and polygels

With the myriad of methods for nail manicures, it is sometimes difficult to decide what would be the best option for one.

If one chooses a healthier option for their nails, the two most common applications are dipping powder or polygels.
With polygel nails a high number of layers are applied to the nails they make them appear very strong but also thick, dipping powder creates more of a smooth and shiny finish on the nails.

This entry will compare the two methods and explain the key differences.

What are Doonails dip powder nails?

Doonails dip powder nails give you the look and durability of gel nails and acrylic nails, without the UV exposure of a UV lamp.

Doonails dip powder nails are also commonly referred to as SNS nails. The Doonails dip powder nail technique involves dipping the nail in colored powder (or brushing the dip powder onto the nail) and then covering it with a transparent sealant. The result is a long-lasting manicure that lasts up to 4+ weeks chip-free. No curing with a harmful UV light is required. It is a manicure because quite easy to apply at home. It also offers an endless choice of colors.

How to remove Doonails Dip Powder Nails?

  1. Gently file off the top coat of your nails with a regular nail file.
  2. Then soak them in our remover pads for 20 minutes.
  3. The dip powder will flake off and be safe to remove. If the dip does not flake off easily, gently push it away with the nail pusher.
  4. Repeat the process once and the dip powder will come off completely from your nails.

What are polygel nails?

Polygel is a mixture between hard gel and acrylic. It is very strong and easy to use at home. Polygel can be used as an overlay on your natural nails and as a nail embellishment. It is cured under UV light, although it is much lighter than acrylic and gel nails. The polygel nail system provides strong and lightweight nails that are just as strong as an acrylic nail, with less stress on your natural nails.

How to remove polygel nails?

  1. File off the excess nail length with a nail cutter. Use the buffing cube to make the polygel buff and cloudy so that it comes off more effortlessly when soaked with acetone.
  2. Protect the surface of your nails with pieces of cotton soaked in acetone.
  3. Use pieces of aluminum foil to wrap your fingers. The less air you let in, the quicker the polygel will be easy to remove.
  4. Now leave the acetone on for 10 to 12 minutes.
  5. After 10 minutes, unfold the aluminum foils. At this point, the polygel will begin to peel itself off.
  6. Use the cuticle pusher to carefully remove the remaining polygel.
  7. Use buffing cubes to clean and refine the surface of your nails when you are done scraping.

Doonails dip powder vs. polygel nails

Doonails dip powder nails are just as strong as nails with acrylic and polygel. Unlike polygel, dip powder application requires little or no practice and you can achieve salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home. Doonails products have no acrid odor because they are chemical free. Doonails Dip Powder nails do not require harmful UV/LED light and application takes less time.
Improper application of polygel nails can cause painful heat problems under the lamp. Compared to other methods, polygels are very more expensive.

Removing a doonails dip manicure is not difficult at all. All you need to do for easy and simple removal is to use the remover kit.

Removing polygel nails can be relatively time consuming as it needs to be soaked in acetone and then rubbed off. The polishing process can weaken and damage your nails.


Nowadays, there are countless ways and methods to manicure one's nails. It is often difficult, especially for beginners, to judge which variants are easier and better to use.
If you want to use the most harmless methods for your nails, you have to choose between doonails dip-powder nails or polygel nails.

In my opinion, dip powder nails are the forerunner to any other type of nail modeling. The dip powder nails convince in the application, with the color result, the removal and also in the price-performance ratio.

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