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A fresh manicure can make you feel pretty confident and attractive. A set of shiny nails, all nicely shaped and smoothed, will make you feel like you can do anything. Your hands are incredibly beautiful to look at!

On the other hand, chipped nails are usually the opposite of that fantastic feeling. So what would you do if you want a worry-free manicure that looks fantastic and doesn't chip after you leave the house? Well, you'll fall in love with this new polish that is currently the biggest trend in the beauty community.

It's called "Dipping Powder" and it's exactly what it sounds like: a powder nail polish that you dip your nails right into.

Why is Dipping Powder a Trending Product?

The dipping powder option is enough that you can apply it right at home, saving you some of your time and also a lot of money. You don't have to worry about dust or perhaps UV exposure like you do with gels or acrylics. The powder is non-toxic and odorless.

A powder manicure can last up to 4+ weeks and can be easily removed with the remover kit.

The process is really simple. You select the dip polish of your choice and simply dip your fingertip directly into the jar, covering your entire nail. Don't worry about the skin around your nails. This powder won't stick to your cuticles like regular nail polish does, because you can just brush off the excess powder.

Then, coat your nail with a protective clear coat to secure all the colors.

Advantages of the Dipping Powder


The materials used are similar to regular products, but the powders are completely odor-free. Whether you are doing this at home or perhaps in a salon, the thought of an odor-free experience could be part of the attraction.


Because of the way the process works, your nails will be significantly thinner and smoother than with an acrylic nail manicure.

Quick and easy to apply

Although a nail manicure is basically a lengthy process, Doonails dip powder nails don't take much time and are often finished in a much shorter period of time than traditional acrylic nails. The simple fact is that it can be learned as a DIY project.

No UV exposure

It is well known that any exposure to UV rays can open the body up to cellular disruption.

Vibrant and appealing

The grain size of the powders is kept very small, moreover, this makes the dip powder colors much more attractive and vibrant than acrylic nails and standard gels.


As an emerging trend, you can find more and more videos and tutorials that show you exactly how to use this method creatively. Also, more and more creative items are popping up that make it easier to achieve impressive results with a DIY treatment.

The Trendy Dip Powder Nail Kit.

The reason why more and more people are moving towards dip nails is mainly because of the kit filled with all the utensils and components.

If you want to try a DIY dip manicure at home, then the Doonails dip powder kit is the best kit you can use because this starter kit is a cost-friendly choice for beginners. This kit provides you with 4 selectable dip powder colors. Additionally, it includes base coat, brush, file, builds powder, brush saver, top coat, activator, manicure stick, and two spare brushes.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional


Dipping powder is especially on trend. The easy application of the powder is simply fun and the results are convincing in every way.

The great thing about this particular system is its ability to strengthen nails. The Doonails Dipping Powder process is free of questionable chemical compounds and is designed with powerhouse ingredients like calcium to help rebuild weak nail beds, for example.

This vegan nail kit will deliver your preferred look and pamper your nails in appearance and health.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

Video tutorials on how to use

Doonails Dipping Powder Colors

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