Dipping Powder Nails vs. Shellac Nails

Dipping Powder Nails vs. Shellac Nails

What is Shellac? Shellac nail polish is a new type of nail polish that lasts up to two weeks or even longer. It is a UV nail polish, similar to a gel. In terms of application, proper application of the base and top coat is especially important to make the manicure last longer.

Shellac manicures have become widespread in recent years, but have not quite caught on until now.

Shellac nails or dip powder nails?

Method - Shellac

If you have a steady hand and a UV lamp for nails, all you need to do is buy a shellac. You will need a shellac base coat, shellac colors and a shellac top coat to create a beautiful and durable shellac manicure at home. If you know how to apply gel nails, then you won't have any problems using shellac either.

You start with the shellac base coat after preparing your nails and cuticles. Apply it about a millimeter away from your cuticles and spread it out with even strokes so that you cover the tips of your nails. Then cure it with the lamp, just like you would with a UV gel nail polish.

You should leave a millimeter of base coat untouched by the paint at the edges. This is the secret to a long lasting shellac manicure. Then, cure your finger again with UV light and repeat the process for the second layer of color.

Finally, apply the shellac top coat. This top coat covers the manicure, so you have to take your time and work very carefully. When you're done, it's back under the UV nail lamp to dry the nails completely.

Method - Dipping Powder

Make sure your hands are appropriately sanitized before any type of dip powder application! Even if you are doing a Dip Powder manicure at home, we always recommend starting with clean and sanitized hands.

If you are using Dip Powder for natural nails, start by preparing your nails. Start by pushing back the cuticles to remove old tissue on the nail and file your nail into shape with the file and also buff the surface.

Now apply the basecoat and spread it on the nail. While applying the basecoat, make sure that you apply a thin layer so that the application is smooth and beautiful.

One by one, dip your nails into the Natural Dip Powder (Base Powder) that comes with your Dip Powder Kit. The Natural Powder is important for building up the strength of your nails. Make sure you dip the nail into the powder at a 45 degree angle and then brush off the excess powder. The gentle brush will help you get the even and thin layers to build up your perfect nail look!

Now choose the color of dip powder you want to apply! Use your basecoat a second time and then apply it to the nail. Dip the nail into the color powder again at a 45 degree angle and dust off any excess powder with your brush once more!

Now apply your basecoat again and spread it all over the nail and dip it into your color again.

Once you're done with the color, it's time to use the Activator from your Dip Powder Starter Kit. The Activator will activate your powders. Without the Activator, the nail will never dry properly. The Activator layer needs to dry on your nails for two minutes.

Now use the file and file your nails to the right shape and nail surface to the right thickness and then apply the Activator again and let it soak in.

Finally, apply the Doonails Topcoat that is included in your starter kit. Apply a thin coat and let it dry for two minutes again too! Use a second coat of the topcoat and let it work again.

Removing the nails


Shellac manicures contain so many hardened layers of polish that the only way to remove them is to soak your nails in strong acetone. This can be very stressful, especially for people with sensitive skin. Also, to completely remove all of the polish, an electric nail file is often necessary.

Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder nail can be removed very easily and painlessly with the Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit.



Usually two weeks.

Dipping Powder

Lasts four+ weeks.


Dipping powder nails are better than shellac nails in many ways. Shellac application takes a lot of time and requires additional utensils such as a UV lamp.
Removing Shellac nails is extremely time consuming and can damage your nails and the nail bed.
Dipping powder is the much healthier application as you don't have to expose your hands to UV. Both applying and removing the Dipping Powder is super easy and takes little time.
Probably the most compelling argument for Dipping Nails is that it lasts 4+ weeks on your nails.

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Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

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