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Doonails uses a unique technology that differs from that found in acrylic finishing products. Although both methods use similar polymer powders, dip powder does not make use of a liquid monomer activator found in acrylic systems. Instead, a liquid resin or base coat is used for tack.

Unlike gel polish, no LED or UV light is needed for curing. The dip powder uses an activator to increase the cure of the base coat and powder to begin the reaction with the top coat. This makes the dip powder range ideal for protective coats on natural nails.

The ingredients of the products can be found in the following list, Dip Powder Kit.

Base Coat

1-Ethyl Cyanoacrylate

In this process, ethyl cyanoacrylate is glued to the nail plate, which is then filed into shape.

It is a colorless, low viscosity liquid that is the main ingredient in cyanoacrylate adhesives. The agent is known by many trade names.

Vitamin E Acetate

Alpha-tocopheryl acetate (ATA) is a specific type of vitamin E that is often found in dietary supplements as well as nail products. It is also known as vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is used in the base coat that is applied to bind the dipping powder to the nails.

Vitamin E is extremely important for the body and specifically for the nails, as it helps nails grow and increases their strength. The Doonails dipping powder kit contains a base coat that contains vitamin E acetate. This particular supplement could be used to prevent or possibly correct a deficiency of vitamin E throughout the body. Vitamin E is found in a selection of cosmetic products.

Calcium Pantothenate

Calcium pantothenate is the calcium salt of the water-soluble vitamin B5 found in plants and animal tissues with antioxidant properties. Pantothenate is essentially a part of coenzyme A of the vitamin B2 complex. Vitamin B5 is a growth factor, so it is used in most products for nails. Calcium pantothenate is used in the base layer that helps in effectively binding the dip powder to the nails. It provides your nails with calcium which is very important for nail growth.



Acetone, a colorless liquid also known as propanone, is used as a solvent in the manufacture of various cosmetic products. Acetone can also be used to some extent in household solutions and personal care and beauty products. The most common use is in nail polish removers.

Acetone is a main ingredient in many nail polish removers. It breaks down nail polish, making it very easy to remove with a cotton swab or cloth. Since acetone combines easily with water and evaporates quickly in the air, its use is very popular.

But have you ever heard of using acetone in activator gel? As you know, this particular gel activates the dip powder to harden it and give the nails a beautiful shine.

Acetic acid ethyl ester

The clear liquid acetic acid ethyl ester is an organic compound. This compound represents the ester of ethanol, also known as pure alcohol, and the acetic acid it contains. This colorless liquid has a noticeably sweet odor that is usually perceived as a fruity aroma. Ethyl acetate is a solvent used in most activator gels. This compound is sparingly soluble in water and other solvents such as alcohol, acetone and chloroform.

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, ethyl acetate is regularly used due to its properties as a solvent. Doonails uses this particular compound in the activator of their dipping powder system.

Top Coat

Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin E in the form of alpha-tocopheryl acetate (ATA) also known as tocopheryl acetate, tocopherol acetate and vitamin E acetate can counteract vitamin E deficiencies as described earlier.

The top coat of the Doonails dipping powder kit, which serves as a top coat, contains vitamin E acetate.

Nail professionals seal all manicures with a top coat because it helps the color last longer. Top coats can additionally help protect nails from water and other things that frequently touch your hands.

Calcium Pantothenate

Calcium pantothenate is the calcium salt of the water-soluble vitamin B5, which has antioxidant properties and is found in plant and animal tissues. Pantothenate is essentially a part of coenzyme A of the vitamin B2 complex. Vitamin B5 as a growth factor, it is used in most nail products. Calcium pantothenate is used in the top coat which helps in effective binding of the dip powder to the nails. It provides calcium to the nails which is very important for nail growth.

The calcium salt of pantothenic acid is calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5). It is used in cosmetic products because of its antistatic properties. Throughout the body, pantothenic acid is converted to pantethine.

Brush Saver


Nitroethane is probably the simplest natural nitro compound. It is a colorless oily liquid with a slight fruity odor. Ethanol, acetone and ethyl ether are easily soluble in it. The nitroethane is used in the brush saver of the dipping powder system.
The nitroethane consists of acetone, which is generally used to remove the dipping powder from the nails. Therefore, nitroethane is also used in the brush saver to dissolve the dipping powder from the brush.


Hydroquinone is a color lightening agent. It bleaches colors and is therefore used in the treatment of various types of hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone is also found in brush protectors to bleach color residue from using brushes.

The Doonails Dipping Powder System contains brush protectors with various high quality depigmentation agents that quickly decolorize the dipping powder on your brush and help to remove all the powder from the brush, leaving it completely clean at all times.

Dipping Powder Colors

Polymethyl methacrylate

Nail dipping powder provides long-lasting results that appear natural and offer endless creative possibilities with styles, finishes and textures.

Polymethyl methacrylate has been used in dipping powders for many years and is known for its power to make color look intense and rich.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical compound made of a white granular powder with a faint smell of benzaldehyde.

Doonails Dipping Powders contain benzoyl peroxide which kills bacteria, prevents cross contamination and is suitable for very sensitive skin types.

Vitamin B

Biotin is a vitamin of the B-complex. It promotes good cell growth and helps metabolize protein-forming amino acids, which are important for nail growth. Vitamin B can help improve brittle, fragile fingernails and keep nails strong and healthy.

Vitamin B specifically allows iron to be absorbed throughout the body and ensures the development of sufficient white blood cells. Low iron levels or anemia can have an impact on nail health. Vitamin B is crucial for maintaining beautiful and healthy nails due to its formation of new cells.

For healthy development of your nails, vitamin B is included in Doonails dip powder.

Remover Pads


As in the activator, acetone is also a component in the method of removing the dip powder from the nails. It breaks down the dip powder and softens it, making removal very easy and quick.

Acetone is included in the Doonails Remover kit that is used to remove the manicure. It consists of remover pads and remover clips.


Ethanol, also known as alcohol, ethyl alcohol, or grain alcohol, is a unique, colorless liquid and the main ingredient in many cosmetic products. Ethanol besides ingredient in a variety of products. Alcohol is used for its high volatility as it disappears immediately after application and is also often used for its drying, refreshing and antimicrobial properties.

Ethanol is effective in killing microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses that are on your nails. The Doonails immersion powder removal system contains remover pads that contain ethanol. Ethanol has the strong power to break down the multiple and hard layers of dipping powder in minutes.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera is a cactus plant that develops in extremely hot, dry climates and is used for its moisturizing properties and healing of wounds.

Aloe Vera extract is used in the removal pads of the Doonails dip powder system to prevent nails from being damaged and drying out when the dip powder is removed.


Nonwovens are innovative, high-tech, technical aids made from fibers.

Cotton fiber is considered an essential component of textiles, but its properties make it ideal for a variety of nonwoven fixings, such as cotton pads. Nonwovens are used to remove dipping powders and are essentially used as wipes to remove the powder.

Nonwovens are used in the manufacture of the removal cotton pads from the remover kit.

Please note the possible different reactions to different ingredients.

If allergies to ingredients are present, use and application is discouraged.

If you feel or see an allergic reaction after using the product, please contact the support team or your doctor.

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