Are Dipping Powder nails better than gel nails?

Long, beautiful nails, perfectly shaped with beautiful color that holds - we all want it, but what is the best way to get the look you want: gel or maybe dip powder? With these techniques you can get nice nails. For some time the gel has been a new competitor - Dipping powder. Because we all love an effortless manicure that holds weeks, Dip powders become the latest trend.

And since they keep the manicure as easy as it works - they promise that they last. We will talk about the difference who will help you simplify the decision. But first of all, you have to become aware of what Dipping Powder and Gel is? Video Tutorial


What is a DIP powder manicure?

If you love a long-lasting and healthy nail, then sign up for dipping powder. They do not only get luminous nail colors that are splinter-free, but their nails will feel great due to the formula. Are you looking for other advantages of DIP powder? Here is a brief summary.

The dip powder stops for about 4+ weeks. It's easy to use. As the title says, you dip the fingertips in the color powder to achieve this look. It's easy to apply and it does not require UV light for curing.

What is gel nail polish?

Gel nails usually hold for about 3 weeks. It is a process that requires a gel basket, gel color and a gel topcoat that makes the nails extra hard. The nails are cured under an LED light for thirty seconds after each layer.


Is Doonail's Dipping Powder better than gel?

They most likely belonged to Dip Powder Nails, as they are in the trend this year in the social media. Dip powern squirrels are actually an incredible breakthrough in the nail technology, which brings you beautiful nails, which keep up for over a month! Instead of being polished, their color comes from a powder "DIP", which is applied between the base and many layers and a beautiful color gives the long lasting. Doonail's dip powders are even more durable than gel nails and are flexible. The solutions used in the doonail's dipping powder used are indeed odorless and they dry in just a few minutes without UV light.

On the other hand, gel nails are with - they guess - gel manufactured, which is applied to their nail bed and then hardened with a UV light. Gel nails are extensions that are used to make nails more stronger or longer. Gelnails are tough, but straight flexible enough to survive an accidental kick against their desk without the nail breaks.

The finish is actually shiny compared to normal nail polish. Your gel manicure is immediately dry, so it is less likely to be damaged after leaving the salon. Finally, Doonail's immersion powder may be the perfect option for nail reinforcement if it is sensitive to strong UV light.

Dipping powder nails vs gel nails

Nails with Dipping Powder

Easy and time-saving

Nail DIP programs use a form of paint job, which could be carried out with good paint skills and without mixing ratio or nail structure control. The fingers are in one Polymer coating laid, which produces a slight hardness without the usual treatment time. Similar to a liquid and powdery nail.

No use of UV light

There is no harmful UV light in the diving process. If you get gel even, your nails are exposed to the UV light. Since they expose the tops of their hands to the UV light, it is harmful in the long run.

Process of the essay removal

Doonail Dipping powder is easy to remove And does not require science. Most gels, however, have a thicker viscosity than others, so they need a little longer to cure. The gel offers both flexibility and resistance to solvents.


last words

Doonail's Dipping Powder Nails or Maybe Gel Nails? They both have some advantages and disadvantages. But for the information and reviews Doonail's dipping powder is better today.

This manicure is the latest in the market. Dipping Powder lasts about 4+ weeks. You will immediately see that he feels harder than any other paint, which is why he tends to last longer. And the best is that it costs less compared to any other manicure.


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