Is the Dipping Powder organic and vegan?

Introducing our Doonails Dipping Powder - the solution for natural looking nails with a long lasting finish. Dipping powder is a stunning alternative to traditional acrylic and liquid gel that is preferred and regular by nail clients & beauty experts around the globe.

The Doonails nail dip powder contains organically processed powder particles enriched with calcium and vitamin E to give you strong and stable nails with a long-lasting shine.

Doonails nail dip powders are non-toxic and odorless with no dangerous primers. Our products are made by experts in the nail and beauty industry to bring you the highest quality eco-friendly and natural dip powder products.

(1) Dip powder can last up to 4+ weeks on natural nails, depending on how fast the nail grows out. For customers who have rapid nail growth, we recommend touching up dip powder nails after the third week to ensure the health and maintenance of healthy nails.

(2) Use the included Doonails file instead of an electric file or nail cutter. The experience will be incredibly painless and enjoyable! Your nails will thank you for it.

(3) The application time of the Dipping Powder method is similar to an application with gel. However, the removal of the Dipping Powder is much easier and faster with the help of the Doonails Remover Kit.

(4) After using Dipping Powder, you will notice how stable and strong your natural nails can be. Generally, the results are visible immediately after the very first application.

(5) Dipping powder application is a good option for those who are sensitive to various substances contained in acrylic and gel. Our Dipping Powders do not use ingredients found in gel and acrylic that are known to cause allergic reactions. You can find the exact ingredients of our Dip Powders in our FAQ or in the following entry INGREDIENTS OF DOONAILS PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS

Organic Dip Powder

Dipping Powder is probably the healthiest organic application for your nails.

Our vegan dipping powder is similar in use to acrylic powder, yet completely odorless unlike acrylic which is known for an acrid odor.

With the Doonails treatment you don't have to expose your nails to UV radiation under a lamp to harden them, they dry within 4 minutes in two applications with our activator.Using the organic powder will also not damage your cuticles or nail bed, as the powder only adheres to the nail and therefore does not affect the skin.

After the treatment, your nails will not only feel natural, but also look natural.

Why is the Doonails Dipping Powder organic?

The Doonails products are organic, vegan and free from animal testing. The powder is made up of 5 different vitamins and calcium The nutritional values work together to work for your nail health. The products nourish your nails while promoting growth. They counteract brittle nails and strengthen them in the long run.

The advantages of the dip powder at a glance

- Light & flexible

- Odourless

- Non-toxic

- Air drying

- Water resistant

- Environmentally friendly

- Enriched with vitamin E and calcium

- Biological & Free of animal testing

- Natural look & feel

- No UV light

- No harmful primers

- Stability

- Lasting

- Long lasting shine and color (depending on how fast nails grow out)

- Quick & convenient application

- Healthier, undamaged nail bed

- Easy to remove with our Remover Kit

- Organic process


For yourself, your nails and also for the environment, choose organic and biological products for your nail care. Also, when it comes to nail care, be mindful of the application and products you use to cause as little stress as possible to your nails, nail bed and also cuticles.

Doonails Professional makes beautiful nails possible in quick application and countless designs without straining the nails.

The Doonails Dipping Powder convinces in comparison to other manicure types in every respect and is significantly healthier, longer lasting and completely free of animal testing.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

Video Tutorials for the application

Doonails Dipping Powder Colors

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