No chipping and splintering of the nails with the Doonails Dip-Powder

I love painted nails! I think they add a fantastic amount of personality to even the most boring outfit.

But the big downside is short-lived, chipping polishes/gels!
Chipped nail polish is probably the quickest way to ruin even the most incredible manicure and create an unkempt appearance.
Instead of wasting your time fixing your chipped nails, try powdered nails instead! Powder dip nails are the easiest way to get chip free and long lasting nails!

What is a powder dip manicure?

A powder dip manicure is ideal for all women looking for long-lasting color and chip-free nails, while opting for the healthier alternative to an acrylic or gel manicure.

Instead of exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays to establish your colored polish, you instead create a rich color effect using a pigmented powder that is sealed in multiple layers through different polishes.

What is needed for the Powder Dip manicure?

For beautiful, chip-free nails, we recommend our Doonails Dipping Powder Kit , which you can use with a variety of colours.

Why does gel nail polish chip?

It's basically true that gel nail polish, when used correctly, chips much less often than regular nail polish. Nevertheless, it happens that the gel nail polish cracks, chips or creates blisters, even though you have done everything correctly.

The fact that the gel chips off the nail plate can have several reasons. One reason is the wrong preparation of the nail plate, i.e. not sufficiently matting or degreasing the nails. Also a too thick or too thinly applied layer of gel or a too short curing time under the UV lamp can cause the splintering effect.

The most common problem in this context are unsecured nail edges, which quickly lead to cracks or blisters in the nail.

Why do acrylic nails splinter?

Improper preparation can cause nail enhancements to lift and chip off the nail because whether you use acrylic, gel, gel polish, or the typical nail polish, the nail bed must be completely free of dead skin or oils in order for the element to create the appropriate adhesion to the nail.

Another reason for the acrylic layer chipping and lifting off, is not using the primer properly on the nails. The primer is specially created to make the acrylic adhere better to the nail. It works in a similar way to double-sided tape. Most acrylic does not adhere very well to natural nails, so a primer with a chemical composition of monomers that bond to both the nail and the acrylic is needed.

An additional cause is also the proper mixing ratio of liquid to powder. Each product line mixes a little differently, especially as a layman it takes some time to perfect the proper mixing ratio.


In conclusion, after being treated with nail polishes, gel or acrylics, nails often tend to split and have some pitfalls in application.

In comparison, the dip powder, with its ease of application without a UV lamp and a 4+ week shelf life, offers fewer potential risks in application and a guaranteed beautiful, well-groomed nail appearance.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

Video Tutorials for the application

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