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Few things can elevate your look, but also your own well-being, like a set of beautiful, manicured nails. While acrylic extensions and gel polish have had their time in the spotlight, we think it's time dip powder nails get the same attention.

The dip powder nail procedure, often referred to as SNS nails, is the process of dipping the nail in colored powder (or even applying the dip powder to the nail) and applying a transparent sealant. The effect is a more permanent manicure that lasts up to 4+ weeks chip free on your nails.

Doonail's dip powder nails are a hybrid of gel nail polish and acrylic extensions. Dip powder nails offer you the freedom of long lasting durability and a very low time commitment in application.
The dip powder technique can be used on both natural nails and extended nails.

Explained very simply, the technique of Doonails dip powder nails simply consists of a gentle but effective glue paired with a colored powder into which you dip your nails.

How does dip powder work?

The application of Dipping Powder is really child's play and requires no prior experience, insofar as the application instructions are followed, you will get salon quality nails and easily from the comfort of your own home.

Before starting a manicure, you should make sure that the nails are prepared by cleaning the nail plate and removing any dirt and oil. This is also where you need to push back the cuticles and trim your nails if needed, as well as roughen the surface of the nail plate.

Once you have cleaned and prepped your nails, you can use the base coat, which will adhere to nail plate, preventing the base powder from lifting off the nail.

Once you've applied the base coat to a single nail, dip the nail directly into the bowl of base powder and powder each nail with the brush.

Then, carefully reapply the base coat and dip your nail in your chosen color powder. Depending on your preferred opacity and color intensity, you should re-dip your nails 2 to 3 times.

You will then need to wait 2 minutes before you start filing your nails after applying the activator. After filing your nails into your preferred shape, reapply the activator.

Finally apply the top coat to give your nails their finish, after two minutes of leave in time repeat the process and you are done and can admire the nail result.

Is Dip Powder safe?

Yes! Nevertheless, it is important to note that every nail treatment has its advantages and disadvantages. Basically, you should assess the health of your nails before any nail treatment.
When dipping, you should keep in mind that in case of known infections or diseases affecting the nail (e.g. nail fungus), a fresh container should always be used for dipping (i.e. simply decant the powder). Additionally, we generally advise against sharing Dipping Powder with multiple people or using the same container to avoid possible infections.

Advantages of Dipping Powder

The two types of manicures women most commonly get in a salon are acrylic manicures or a gel polish. A gel polish can last several weeks (if you're lucky) and is relatively easy to remove.
However, the applications require UV light to cure the nails and there are some chemicals in the products that could soften your nail bed. If you use acrylic, you will often have very hard nails for weeks, but the substances used smell very acrid and unpleasant. Removing the nails is also very difficult for non-nail professionals and can cause long-term damage to the nails.

Almost all women who do their nails at home use nail polish, which is easy to use, does not harm your nails and is easy to remove. The big problem with nail polish is its short shelf life. I'm sure you too have experienced situations where you painted your nails for a special occasion and they didn't even make it through the whole event without chipping.

The Dip Powder gives you the best of both worlds - it promises the stability and durability of acrylic nails, but is very easy to remove, like a nail gel polish, but doesn't require light to cure, thus not exposing your nails to UV.


The Dip Powder Kit from Doonails contains an exceptional Dip System to get you started on your very own fantastic Dip Powder Manicure!
As part of the starter kits, you have the opportunity to receive 4 of 20 stunningly beautiful colors included.

The products included in our starter kits, professionally and qualitatively designed to prevent splintering, discoloration and chipping on your nails. Our very easy to use dipping powder gives you a natural feel while not harming your nail bed, so you don't have to worry about wearing the Doonails Dipping Powder as often as you'd like!

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

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