New Doonails Dip Powder Colors

For an even more professional nail look from home, the Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional has been further optimized! The new kit surprises especially by the size of the liquid polishes and convinces with elegant design and the even better handling in use.

In addition, the product range has also been expanded with new unique colors. Four stylish nude shades and a transparent variation complete the versatile concept and guarantee beautiful nails.

Discover the colours Sun Set Lover, Sunday Brunch, Lazy Flamingo or Valentine Crush for yourself or try out a completely natural look with the Ghost Clear Powder.

Dive into the world of Doonails and be enchanted and inspired by beautiful, manicured nails with weeks of hold.

The Revolution Dipping Powder

For many women, beautiful nails are a luxury that often comes with a lot of money and a time commitment. Also, the feeling of a thick, unnatural gel layer on the nails is very often perceived as unpleasant and not necessarily suitable for everyday use.

A solution for all these difficulties is offered by the Dipping Powder System from Doonails. A revolutionary new method of nail modelling that puts gel or acrylic nails far in the shade and opens a new door with the possibility of beautiful nails for everyone.

The Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional contains everything you need for a beautiful and above all long-lasting nail modelling. The kit impresses especially with its easy handling and guarantees strong and stable nails.
So you don't have to be a professional or have experience in the field of nail cosmetics to model your own nails. On the contrary, the application is also suitable for beginners, because the more often you repeat the modelling, the more confident you will become in its use.

Experience a natural result that convinces with its appearance and stability on the nail and enjoy the luxury of permanently beautiful nails!

The special advantages of the Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional at a glance

In the nail studio you pay a high price for a nail modellage and have to have the treatment touched up or renewed after only a few weeks.

The Doonails Dipping Powder Kit-Professional offers with an unbeatable price a complete kit, with whose high-quality products you can carry out several applications on your own nails. For example, you can use one Dipping Powder for up to 20 applications.

In connection with this, the small amount of time required also stands out. You no longer have to put up with lengthy treatments, appointments and travel when you have the option of modelling beautiful nails yourself simply and conveniently from the comfort of your own home.

The nail result delights with its elegant look and natural nail feeling.

The greatest innovation offered by the new method is the application without a light curing device. So you do not need an additional UV lamp! The curing is done by the Doonails activator alone.

Doonails Professional stands for absolutely non-toxic, animal-free and above all harmless products for your nails.
The Dipping Powder nails also score points for their quick and easy removal, as they can be easily removed without the need for tedious filing work.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

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Doonails Dipping Powder Colors

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