What actually is dipping powder?

You've probably read the term dipping powder many times in the social media or heard about the treatment from girlfriends, but what actually is dipping powder? The meaning is hidden in the title. The word "dip" in dipping powder actually describes the whole application. Explained very simply, you dip your nails in the Doonails Dipping Powder to create a beautiful manicure.

Very roughly explained, the Doonails Dipping Powder system works according to this simple and easy to follow procedure: First, a base coat is used and the nail is dipped in a base powder. This process is repeated a few times depending on the desired thickness/surface of the nail. Then dipped in one of the beautiful color powders and painted with the sealer for glossy finish.

The application is different in almost every way from the familiar nail applications with simply nail polish or acrylic and gel. A regular manicure can easily peel off right after you leave the salon. A dipping powder manicure is proven to last longer and no UV light is required to cure the nails.

Here's how to apply the Doonails Dipping Powder System.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Once nails are prepped, begin by applying a coat of base coat to a single nail.

Make sure to cover the entire surface evenly, while leaving some space in the cuticle area. Quickly dip the painted nail into the base powder at a 45-degree angle, then tap off any powder you don't need. Repeat this process on each nail individually to prevent the base coat from drying and the powder from adhering completely and evenly.

Next, brush on another thin and even coat of base coat and then dip your finger into one of the color powders at a 45-degree angle. Let the powder dry for a few seconds and tap off any excess powder. Brush off the remaining powder with the brush.

Next, apply a coat of the activator, making sure to cover the entire nail surface. Then let it set for 2 minutes. File the nail surface to the desired thickness and the nail to the desired shape.

When the shape and thickness of the nail are to your liking, reapply the activator and let it work.

Apply the top coat and wait two minutes again.

Repeat this step for a glossy finish.

How to remove Doonails Dipping Powder System

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

Dipping powder nail removal is very quick and easy, unlike other manicures:
This process starts with filing off the shiny top coat. To do this, roughly roughen the nail surface with file until the top layer of your nails looks flat and comes off easily.

Then use the remover pads from the remover kit. All you have to do is slide your fingers into the Remover Pads, put the Remover Clip on your finger to secure it, and wait. After about 20 minutes, you can remove the clip and pad. Now the dip powder should come off the nail easily. You may need to use the nail pusher to help it along a bit.

Repeat this step, this time leaving the Remover Pads in place for 10 minutes. After that, the dip powder residue will completely come off your nails.


To soothe your nails after removing the manicure, a rich nail and cuticle oil is great to massage into your nails and cuticles.


Nails with the dipping powder system are very popular and gaining more and more popularity.

Both applying and removing dip powder nails is extremely easy to use and takes incredibly little time.

The system offers many advantages over other types of manicures and is particularly impressive due to its long durability and lack of UV exposure.

The Doonails Dipping Powder Kits need everything you need for your nail care and manicure in one set.

Doonails Dipping Powder Kit - Professional

Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit

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