Dip Powder Nails vs Gel Nails | Comparison

Dipping powder or the traditional gel manicure?

Every woman has individual wishes. Many prefer the variant of a gel manicure. The nails are thicker and can always be refilled without removing the gel completely. But until now there was no alternative to the gel manicure, which is quick and easy to use and at the same time promises hard, resistant nails.... Until now!

Dipping Powder System

The Dipping Powder System is a brand new trend and has proven to be the best nail polish alternative. It is quick and easy to apply and guarantees salon-quality results from the comfort of your own home.
As with any manicure, the nails are prepared in advance and shaped to the desired form. A thin layer of base coat is then applied and the nail is dipped in a base powder. This protects the nail and ensures optimal adhesion to the nail surface. Then this step is repeated as often as desired with the application of the base coat in combination with the desired color powder until the desired nail thickness is achieved. The excess powder is easily removed with the fine brush after each application. The layers are then hardened and sealed with the Activator Coat. Before applying the Top Coat, the surface is lightly shaped with the file to the desired form. After filing, the Activator Coat is used again. The Top Coat gives the shine and protection. It protects the nails from any environmental influences and makes your nails shine.
A result that is more than worth seeing - and that without a UV lamp!

Dipping Powder is very easy to remove

With the Doonails Dipping Powder Remover Kit the Dipping Powder layers can be removed quickly and easily. The nails are roughened with the file. Then simply put the nail into the Remover Pad and fix it with the Remover Clips on the finger. Leave to act for approx. 20 minutes and the powder begins to detach itself from the nails without damaging the nails by long filing. This process is repeated once with an exposure time of 10 minutes. The result is the beautiful healthy natural nail.

What is a gel manicure?

A gel manicure is a procedure in which a gel-based polish is applied. UV or LED light is needed to fix the polish and attach it to the nails. A gel manicure is very durable and also stands for long lasting results.
When removing it, you have to be very careful not to damage the nail. Gel nails are a little more stubborn to remove and therefore are usually not removed completely, but often filled in or the existing layers filed and renewed. Without the right accessories, removing nails from home is not possible.

Gel nails vs. dipping powder nails

The modern woman lives out her personal preferences.
The dip powder system is a great alternative to the traditional gel manicure. Here you can decide individually on the thickness of the nail design and achieve a great long-lasting result completely without harmful UV light.


Basically, it must be noted that neither Dipping Powder nor gel cause damage to the nail when used correctly.
However, since the Dipping Powder method does not use UV light, it is considered the healthier option.
Proper removal plays a major role in both manicures. However, a gel manicure cannot be removed from home without additional accessories.
Gel as well as Dipping Powder guarantees beautiful, long-lasting results.

In direct comparison, Dipping Powder offers some decisive advantages: no UV lamp necessary, quick and easy application and above all, Dipping Powder is the more cost-effective and time-saving option!

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